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A Wellness remote monitoring system provides a huge range of features that empower senior citizens and individuals with special needs to live more independently while also providing caretakers with valuable insight on daily activities. The Wellness senior home monitoring system also includes automated features to simplify daily routines, and distribute custom notifications set by the client or caretaker.

The Story Behind the Brand

A sub-brand of BeClose™, Wellness offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use, software-based senior monitoring system. Based out of Tysons, VA, Wellness products have been featured positively in well-known publications such as USA Today and These senior home monitoring systems can also be integrated with personal emergency response (PERS) pendants for added peace of mind.

For Facilities and Home Use

Whether your client or loved one lives at home alone or under the care of others, you can count on Wellness products to meet their diverse set needs. If you’re seeking the perfect senior monitoring system, we highly recommend looking into the Wellness brand. Browse Assisted Living Technologies for the best senior home monitoring system for your needs.

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