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Wellness Under Mattress Bed Pad

Wellness Under Mattress Bed Pad

The Wellness under mattress bed sensor pad is installed under the mattress where most of the person's weight is incident. When pressure is released or applied to the pad, a signal is sent to the Wellness IQ Qolsys 2 Control Station to determine if the bed is occupied or unoccupied.

The purchase of the IQ Qolys 2 Control Station is required to operate this product**


11" x 30" Bed Sensor Pad

The top pad material is coated with PVC nylon cloth (Waterproof, Anti-microbial)

The bottom pad material is coated with PVC polyester cloth (Waterproof, Anti-slip)


Installation: Please give us a call to schedule installation.

*For local Connecticut installation call us at 203-235-8324.*

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