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All Smart Caregiver Products

Smart Caregiver solutions make it possible for caregivers to provide a higher quality of life for elderly and special needs individuals. Products such as a Smart Caregiver pager or pressure mat sensor use modern technology to make the caregiver’s job easier, while also improving the safety of the one they care for. Shop at Assisted Living Technologies for the latest, most reliable home and facility care solutions.

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  1. 433 - CMU Central Monitoring Unit

    The 433-CMU is a wireless central monitor unit that can be placed at a nurse’s station to alert caregivers when residence are in need of assistance.
  2. 433-PG Caregiver Pocket Pager without LCD display

    Accessory for 433 - CMU Central Monitoring Unit
  3. AC-04 Power Adapter

    Accessory for 433 - CMU Central Monitoring Unit
  4. AC-02 Power Adapter

    Power adapter for all TL-2100 Series Monitors
  5. CordLess Chair Sensor Pad 10"x15" - 1 year pad life

    This Smart Caregiver product features a weight-sensitive pressure pad and transmitter which alerts caregivers if paired with a monitoring unit when the resident is trying to get out of his/her chair. The chair pad immediately alerts the caregiver by sending a wireless signal to a monitor when the individual begins to get out of his/her chair. The new CordLess products use patented wireless technology that eliminates cords between bed pads, chair pads and floor mats to monitors, pagers and central monitors.

  6. 433-EC Economy CordLess Monitor

    The Economy CordLess Fall Prevention Alarm provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range up to 300 ft. Ideal for home or small facility use. The Economy CordLess Exit Alarm is simple-to-use and works with all 433 CordLess Sensor Pads & Mats, Nurse Call Buttons, and Motion Sensors. Monitor is light-weight and can be paired with up to six (6) wireless components to serve as a portable caregiver alert. 

  7. 433-CMU Starter Package

    Low Cost Wireless Nurse Call System

  8. Door & Window Contact Switch

    The 433-EXT will send a signal to the 433-EC monitor or a 433-CMU to alert caregivers that a window or door has been opened. Great for monitoring individuals that have a tendency to wander or elope.
  9. Reset Button

    CordLess/ Wireless allows caregivers to reset the 433-CMU Remotely, very easy to use.
  10. CordLess Bed Sensor Pad 20"x30" - 1 year pad life

    When using a Wireless Cordless Bed Alarm Sensor Pad with a Wireless Cordless Monitor you are able to remove the alarm noise from the room creating a quiet in room environment for the resident. Bed alarm pad is placed under the resident on the bed. When the resident gets up from the pad, a wireless signal is sent to the monitor setting off the bed alarm to alert the caregiver. A quiet solution for bed alarms for seniors. No Cords!, No noise in their rooms!

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Modern Technology

Tremendous strides have been made in the realm of caregiving, and we are proud to offer the latest in high-tech elderly and disabled care solutions. For example, a Smart Caregiver pager gives caretakers more freedom, as they can be alerted immediately when their assistance is needed or if someone leaves their safety zone. A pressure mat sensor immediately notifies the caregiver when a person gets out of bed or a chair, ensuring that unforeseen situations are handled in a timely fashion.

Shop Smart Caregiver Products Now

Using the latest technology is the best way to provide peace of mind for yourself and your client or loved one. If you need assistance selecting the right Smart Caregiver products for your needs, please call us at (203) 235-TECH (8324), or use our contact form to send us an email.

Whether you need a Smart Caregiver pager, a pressure mat sensor, or a “Call” button, you can depend on Assisted Living Technologies for the best prices and selection of modern care equipment. Explore our solutions and place your order today.