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Home Safety

Home Safety Products for Seniors

Elderly and special needs individuals face unique challenges, but high-tech solutions that improve their quality of life are available. Our home safety products for seniors help prevent avoidable accidents, so you and your client or loved one can have an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. Browse a variety of high-quality safety devices for seniors online at Assisted Living Technologies.

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  1. CookStop™

    CookStop™ will help prevent unattended cooking fires in senior living establishments and residence of the elderly. Cookstop™ is an automatic stove shutoff device that allows seniors to cook  safely and without worry.

  2. Silent Call Shake Up Receiver and Bed Vibrator W/ Smoke Detector (SU-12V)

    The Shake Up Receiver and Bed Vibrator with Smoke Detector kit can alert hearing impared individuals that there is smoke in the home.

  3. Silent Call Wireless Doorbell 418 MHz Transmitter (DB4-SS)

    This wireless doorbell transmitter is perfect for the hearing impared who need to be alerted when there is a visitor at the door.

  4. Silent Call Body-Worn Communicator 418 MHz Receiver (BWR412-SS)

    The Communicator is a body worn battery operated alerting device that includes the Communication Port charger equipped with battery backup.

  5. FireAvert

    FireAvert helps protect your home from the leading cause of stove fires in the united states-unattended cooking-by automatically disconnecting power to your range or stove in the event that fire or smoke are detected. 

  6. Silent Call Door/Window Access 418 MHz Transmitter (DW3-SS)

    Become aware when someone opens your door or window. The Signature Series Door/Window Access Transmitter connects by a 24-inch wire to two magnetic contact bars mounted on the door or window and its frame. When the door or window is opened and the bars lose magnetic contact, the transmitter broadcasts a signal to any Silent Call Signature Series Receiver, alerting you to the event.

  7. Silent Call Carbon Monoxide Detector with 418 MHz Transmitter (COT-SS)

    The Signature Series Carbon Monoxide Detector with 418 MHz Transmitter readily plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet. When activated by dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, it warns you by sending a signal to any Signature Series Receiver. 


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Emergency Alerts

For individuals who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard of hearing, specialty safety alert devices are essential. We carry the latest technology in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that provides immediate alerts.

We also carry safety devices for seniors that are designed to notify caretakers when the client or loved one is moving outside of their safety zone. This can help to prevent injury, and it can also provide an immediate notification, so the person can be assisted before they wander offsite. It may not be possible to provide 24/7 monitoring in person, but our motion sensor devices can bridge the gap.

While you never want to be in a position where these home safety products for seniors are necessary, it’s comforting to know that they are in place, in case an incident should occur.

Shop Home Safety Products for Seniors

We are committed to helping elderly and special needs individuals enjoy a higher quality of life. If you need assistance selecting the right products for your requirements, please contact us by calling (203) 235-TECH (8324) or filling out our contact form. Find the best home safety products for seniors and those with special needs at Assisted Living Technologies.