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Silent Call Shake Up Receiver and Bed Vibrator W/ Smoke Detector (SU-12V)


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Quick Overview

CookStop™ will help prevent unattended cooking fires in senior living establishments and residence of the elderly. Cookstop™ is an automatic stove shutoff device that allows seniors to cook  safely and without worry.

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Product Description:

CookStop™ can help prevent unattended cooking fires, allowing seniors to stay longer and safer in their own homes. CookStop™ addresses common situations as well as specific needs. 

  • CookStop™ continuously checks for movement in the kitchen.
  • If the person leaves the room or falls asleep while cooking, CookStop™ shuts the stove off.
  • CookStop™ can be configured for many different levels of security
  • The system is functional upon installation, immediately reducing the chances of an accident.


CookStop™ is great for:

  • Senior living
  • Campus housing
  • Multi-family living
  • Busy families
  • Individuals with Disabilities


How Cookstop™ works:

  1. CookStop™ continually checks for movement in the kitchen to ensure an active stove hasn't been left unattended.
  2. When it detects that you have left the kitchen, CookStop™ begins a countdown. 
  3. If you come back into the kitchen within the countdown period, CookStop™ silently resets and cooking continues.
  4. However, if you do not return to the cooking area within the countdown period, CookStop™ will automatically turn off the stove, reducing the risk of an unattended cooking fire.
  5. CookStop™ automatically shuts off the potential fire risk, helping to keep you and your home safe.


Warning: CookStop™ cannot be counted on by itself to prevent a grease fire.  If the user has heated oil to near the 'smoke point' and they leave the room, it can ignite in a just seconds.  When cooking with oils or fats on top of the stove we recommend not leaving the cooking area until the heat is turned off completely.



Cookstop Kitchen Diagram

 * Note: This product works with electric stoves only.



  • Hold Function - The hold function allows users to disable the CookStop™ for an allotted period of time. This is useful if the user is cooking a turkey or other foods that need to be baked for an extended period of time.


  • Lockout Function - The lockout function prohibits stove use during certain time periods. For example, a caregiver may not want their elderly client cooking during certain hours of the night such as between 12AM and 6AM. The lockout function disables the stove for those selected times.


  • Administrator Key - The CookStop™ device includes an administrator key. The device modes, functions, and options can only be modified when the administrator key is inserted into the CookStop™ device. This feature is especially useful when you don't want your loved one tampering with the different options that are available on the device.


Items Included:

  • One monitoring controller (SCU)
  • One stove power controller device (PU)
  • One 10 foor SCU-to-PU communication cable
  • Product documentation


Installation: Please give us a call to schedule installation.

*Installation is limited to residences in the state of Connecticut.


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