Alzheimer's & Technology: Advancements for Elderly Dementia Patients

Dementia takes its toll on those afflicted with the disease, as well as their family members and loved ones. However, there are great strides being made in modern technology specifically to assist elderly dementia patients. Discover the innovative devices that help to elevate the quality of life for patients and their caretakers.

Fall and Wander Prevention

Preventing problems before they happen is the key to keeping patients as happy and healthy as possible. There are many different fall and wander prevention products on the market that use motion sensor technology to notify caretakers if the patient leaves a safety zone.

Products such as door contact switches, GPS tracking shoe insoles, and motion sensor bed pads are discrete, so elderly dementia patients can continue with their daily routines without feeling like they’re being actively monitored.

Medication Dispensers 

Sometimes it’s not possible for a caretaker to be there for every medication dose. The problem is that it’s common for patients with dementia to forget that they already took their medication, which can lead to overdosing. This is especially problematic for patients who have complex dosing schedules. Automatic pill dispensers provide a fantastic solution. These devices stay locked, delivering medication only as needed at the designated times. They also include features such as flashing lights and alarms to let elderly dementia patients know when it’s time to take their medications.

Tablets and Smartphones

While modern mobile technology tends to be too complicated for elderly people with dementia, there are companies that design smartphones and tablets specifically for that demographic. They feature large buttons and fonts and very basic, intuitive features and functions.

These devices are perfect for keeping the patient connected with family and loved ones, as they can be pre-programmed with frequently called numbers and corresponding pictures. They can also be used for online shopping, allowing elderly people to become more independent. Some patients may even enjoy using them for playing basic games or reading.

“Push for Help” Buttons

Often when elderly dementia patients require assistance, every second counts. A “push for help” button can be worn around the neck, giving elderly patients peace of mind, knowing that fast emergency assistance is available even when it’s not possible to reach or use the phone.

Electricity Use Monitoring

Products that monitor electricity use are ideal when patients live independently from their caretakers. These devices plug into a power strip or wall outlet, and they notify caretakers if an appliance hasn’t been shut off. Additionally, there are devices that can automatically shut off stoves, as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that vibrate and notify hearing impaired individuals if an issue is detected.

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