Device Questions

Medical alert systems are designed to get loved ones medical help promptly, specifically those who are a fall risk. The equipment typically consists of two components: First is the base station, which plugs into a standard electrical outlet and a standard phone jack. Second, the transmitter – a wearable help button usually worn as a necklace or wrist band. During an emergency, the user would press their medical alert button and it will transmit a signal to our 24/7 USA-Based monitoring center. A trained dispatcher will come over the device speaker to check the user’s status and send necessary help.

Assisted Living Technologies provides full services nationwide.

Once the order is place, we will have your medical alert system in the mail within 1-2 business days. Typically, the unit will arrive within 5-9 business days after shipment, depending on your location and weather conditions. Express shipping is also available. The system can be installed and tested as soon as the user receives it.

We will be silently checking the signals on our end every week, and we recommend that you test your system once a month by pressing the emergency button and waiting for the dispatcher to come over the line (just as you would in a real emergency). Kindly let the dispatcher know you are okay and that you are just testing. Please make sure you respond to them or they might think it is a real emergency and contact your family and/or send emergency personnel to your house.

Your system will be set off as it would in a real emergency, but don’t panic. A dispatcher will come over the base unit to check if you need help. Simply let them know everything is okay and it was an accident. Please make sure you respond to them or they might think it is a real emergency and contact your family and/or send emergency personnel to your house.

If you have the standard range button, the signal should be able to reach the base station from 600 feet away. If the operator cannot hear you, they will treat it as an emergency and follow the protocol that you set up on your Client Information Form, whether that is to call local EMS first or family/friends/neighbors first.

In the event of a blackout or power outage, our system will continue to run for up to 80 hours. The battery will automatically recharge itself once power comes back on to the home. Our On-the-Go Medical Alert Systems can last from 7-30 days on a single charge, depending on the model.

The In-home buttons do not interfere with pacemakers.

The Mobile GPS Device should be at least 6 inches from other magnetic medical devices.

You may choose from our landline medical alert, in-home cellular model, or GPS model depending on what kind of phone service you have and what your needs are.

No, our systems will not work with a cell phone. We have in-home systems, and a GPS system that can be carried with you, but it does not run off of your cellphone. It is powered by Verizon or AT&T’s cellular network signal.

Payment Questions

Your card will be charged once you place the order for the initial monitoring fee and any additional accessories plus shipping charges. Your service will be activated immediately.

Assisted Living Technologies does not require a long-term contract. Unlike some companies, we want to keep things simple. We will cancel your account once we receive all of the equipment in working/original condition without any cancellation fees.

If you accidentally press your button, simply tell the dispatcher you are okay and it was just an accident. Assisted Living Technologies will not charge for false alarms/test alarms.

Please Note: Cities hold different rules regarding false alarms for first responders. Assisted Living Technologies is not responsible for any city fees.

We offer a simple month-to-month payment plan. Meaning, your card will be automatically charged every month. Payments can be set up using a credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). You may also choose quarterly or annual payment plans

Long Term Care Insurance can cover costs and services of medical alert systems. For other insurance providers: If covered, it is usually on a reimbursement basis. You will need to contact your provider to determine if coverage is available and arrange for reimbursement directly from them. Assisted Living Technologies is contracted with the State of Connecticut to offer Medical Alert Systems for various Medicaid waiver programs. Call us to learn more about the Medicaid waiver programs we work with (203) 235-8324.

If for any reason you need to cancel your MyHelp Medical Alert services, simply give our office a call at (203)-235-8324 to let us know that you are cancelling. You will receive proper power down instructions as well as steps to return the device(s) back to our office. We recommend you get a tracking number to track the package back to us.

IMPORTANT: The account is not fully cancelled until the equipment has been returned in working condition AND processed. We recommend you return and postmark the package on or before the next bill date.

Assisted Living Technologies offers a 30-day refund policy. The 30 days begins once you receive your MyHelp Medical Alert System. Tip: We highly recommend you install and test the equipment as soon as possible.

If you are dissatisfied with the service, you may return the equipment to us within those 30 days to receive a full refund less shipping costs. If you cancel after 30 days, you may receive a prorated refund for unused months less shipping costs.

Warranty Questions

If you lose or break the pendant, a new one can be purchased online or by phone.

We offer a Monthly Protection Plan at an additional monthly cost which allows a one-time replacement of your MyHelp base station OR device (Mobile GPS) per calendar year.

Your medical alert base station is protected under a warranty with Assisted Living Technologies as long as the issue occurred because of normal “wear and tear,” or manufacturer defect.

However, the system is not protected if it is damaged beyond our control. (e.q. water damage, power surge, is dropped and breaks, cut wires, etc.)

You may purchase our Monthly Protection Plan. This warranty will cover the replacement of one unit per year. For lost or damaged pendants, the warranty will cover 100% of it’s replacement value. The warranty also comes with Lifetime Low Battery Replacements. Please note, any shipping fees are not covered by the warranty.

If you opt out of our Protection Plan offer, non-manufacture damage beyond our control (e.q. water damage, power surge, painted/colored on, is dropped and breaks, etc.) will be a "$199" fee.

Shipping Questions

All orders are processed within 1-3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped.

Please Note:

  • Business days don’t typically include weekends; however, Saturday and Sunday deliveries may occur in select ZIP codes.
  • Some items may need to be ordered from the manufacturer and can delay your shipping window. Assisted Living Technologies is to inform a customer if this may happen.

Domestic Shipping Rates and Estimates

Calculated shipping rates: Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

Free Shipping: Free shipping is offered when cart total is $200 or greater.

In-Store Pickup

You can skip the shipping fees with free local pickup at our Cheshire office, located at 290 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410. To place an order for in-store pick up, please call us at 203-235-8324.

Our in-store pickup hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

International Shipping

We DO NOT offer international shipping.