Comprehensive Home Safety Solutions for Seniors

Home safety solutions for seniors can be more than door chimes and GPS trackers. There are many solutions that can provide comprehensive home safety for your senior loved one. And depending on your situation, a combination of these tools may be the best solution.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention solutions come in many varieties – from bed or chair sensor pads, to door opening alerts, to motion sensors. These tools can alert care givers to any unusual movement at any time.

Emergency Response

If your senior loved one should have a medical emergency, fire, burglary, or just need the comfort of knowing someone is there, a mobile personal emergency response system is a great solution. With a push of a button, your senior can be connected with a loved one or a first responder.

Remote Monitoring

When your senior loved one wants to continue living at home, a remote monitoring system can be just the thing to enable continued independence and safety. Remote monitoring systems combine both sensor technology and personal emergency response. Care givers are alerted to any abnormal behavior by your loved one.

Medication Management

There are many solutions for senior medication management. From basic dispensers to automated dispensers with alerts, the right tool at the right price is available. Please read "Are You Concerned About Senior Medication Management?" to learn more.

Home Safety

So many accidents and injuries can be prevented with some simple home safety solutions. Assisted Living Technologies offers solutions such as automatic stove turn off, carbon monoxide detection, and fire prevention. Additionally, many smoke detection solutions include a vibration alert for hearing impaired individuals.

If this information seems a little overwhelming, we are here to help. The knowledgeable Assisted Living Technologies team can help you select the most appropriate tools for your individual situation. Our showroom in Meriden, CT, has many of the home safety solutions on hand for you to compare.