Technology for Aging in Place: 4 Benefits of Internet Use for Seniors

Modern technology can be a difficult landscape for senior citizens to navigate. However, if your loved one or client wants to become more familiar with the internet, there are some major benefits worth considering. Using technology for aging in place opens up exciting avenues to improve an elderly person’s quality of life.

Additionally, if the senior in your life doesn’t own a computer, some sellers actually offer technology for seniors at a discount. You may be able to acquire a very basic computer at an economical price point if you shop around.

1. Connect With Family on Social Media

Social media connects people. Some basic knowledge on major social media platforms such as Facebook can help your loved one to feel more connected to the family. Sometimes a phone call or in-person visit isn’t practical, and social media is an ideal technology for aging in place because it facilitates quick, simple interactions that give people a sense of belonging while also providing both parties with peace of mind.

When it comes to social media technology for seniors, it’s crucial that you teach them not just how to navigate the site, but also the etiquette involved in using it. For example, it’s important that your loved one recognizes that information can be seen by a large audience. As you show them the ropes, be sure to help them understand how to avoid potentially negative pages and interactions that could cause distress.

2. Opportunity to Use Telehealth Providers

Telehealth companies provide online services that connect your client or family member with doctors through internet-based video sessions. This kind of technology for aging in place is ideal for those who are immobile or hesitant to venture to a healthcare professional for relatively mild health issues such as a sprained ankle, seasonal cold, or non-serious rash.

In addition to diagnosing non-critical medical issues, Telehealth doctors can call in prescriptions to pharmacies. Besides helping seniors to make informed decisions on how to proceed with treatment, this kind of technology for seniors simply offers seniors peace of mind, knowing that help is available if an unforeseen health issue should occur.

3. Offers Freedom of In-home Shopping

It’s not always practical or possible for the elderly to venture to a local store to obtain the goods they require. Modern online shopping channels make it easy for your loved one or client to have daily essentials delivered quickly. If you plan on using eCommerce technology for aging in place, you may want to stick with one major catch-all retailer such as Amazon so they’re not overwhelmed with shopping options.

4. Great Reading Opportunity

The internet offers a tremendous variety of eBooks, articles, and even games that can really help seniors to pass the time in a positive way.

Besides assisting with computer-based technology for seniors, you could also load an e-reader with all of your loved one’s favorite books so they can enjoy reading on a screen that is more visually comfortable. Additionally, simple online games such as solitaire can be a welcome leisure activity that promotes an active mind, positive attitude, and sense of accomplishment.

Proper Teaching Is Essential

Because the internet opens up possibilities for negative experiences as well, it’s important that you also stress safe browsing practices. As you teach your client or family member about internet-based technology for aging in place, be sure to show them how to use social media wisely, to be aware of financial scams, and how to recognize the difference between secure websites that have the SSL encryption lock symbol in the address bar, and potentially harmful sites where data should not be entered.

As long as you guide your client or loved one, the internet can be a wonderful addition to their life. Try to remember that technology for seniors can be overwhelming, so you may need to provide ongoing assistance. Be patient, kind, and attentive, and you may be able to drastically enrich the life of your client or family member.