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Silent Call - Medallion Series Vibra-Call 3 Body Worn Receiver

Silent Call - Medallion Series Vibra-Call 3 Body Worn Receiver

Designed for people who are deaf-blind and others who'd benefit from a portable receiver enabling freedom to move from room to room, the Medallion Series Vibra-Call 3 Body-Worn Receiver works with all Medallion Series Transmitters to alert you to events and emergencies.

Complete with its own leather pouch, you clip it to your belt or waistband, or place it in a pocket. A series of distinct vibration patterns distinguish between doorbells and phone calls, among other notifications.

You can wear it not only throughout your home or office but also outdoors such as on your patio. It recharges overnight in a Charger/Docking Station and notifies you to incoming signals even while you are napping or sleeping by activating a Bed Vibrator.

How it works:

  • Alerts you to phone calls, doorbells, sounds, weather alerts, fire, smoke, and more
  • Notifies you of the type of alert with distinctive pulse patterns
  • Works with all Medallion™ Series 418 MHz Transmitters
  • Operates with million-code technology
  • Clips to your belt or waistband or fits in a pocket
  • Includes a Leather Pouch (LP-12)
  • Includes Charger/Docking Station
  • Includes a Bed Vibrator (VIB-PJ) for nighttime notification
  • Features Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

Requires a Silent Call Medallion Series Mini Receiver*

*For local Connecticut Installation please call us at 203-235-8324*

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