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Alula- Bed Pad

Alula- Bed Pad


The ALULA Remote Monitoring System offers a sense of comfort and independence to both the caregiver and the individual that needs their support.

The ALULA Remote Monitoring System combines both sensor technology and security features to help promote independence for your loved one. ALULA is designed to identify problems before they become emergencies by observing daily activity patterns and alerting caregivers if any abnormalities are noticed. Alerts to caregivers can be either phone calls, text messages, and/or emails letting the caregiver know when activities happen.

With Alula you can know in real-time:

  • Has mom gotten out of bed this morning?
  • Did dad take his morning walk?
  • Is grandma going to the kitchen for breakfast?
  • Is grandpa getting around the house ok?

How it works:

  • Plug-In- the wireless base station simply plugs in. It works right out of the box.
  • Peace of Mind- go online to your private web dashboard to stay in touch, set reminders, and track wellness.
  • The system is always on. You will receive real-time alerts if something is out of the ordinary.

*For local Connecticut Installation please call us at 203-235-8324*

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