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Smart Caregiver - CordLess Chair Sensor Pad 10"x15"

Smart Caregiver - CordLess Chair Sensor Pad 10"x15"

1 x Cordless Chair Sensor Pad (10" x 15") w/ Transmitter

1 Year Warranty

Monitor Unit is sold separately (See compatible units below)


If a signal is lost or out of range, the monitor alerts the caregiver

Pad transmitter only communicates with the monitor for which it is programmed


For Use With TL-2100G, 433-CMU, or 433-EC

10" x 15"

1 Year Warranty

We recommend that the pad be replaced after 1 year of use*


Do not fold or immerse pressure pads in any solution. Wipe clean by using disinfectant wipes or anti-bacterial cleaner. To minimize the spreading of infection, single patient use is recommended. Pads must be replaced when the warranty period expires. CordLess Chair Pressure Pad includes Transmitter.

This Smart Caregiver product features a weight-sensitive pressure pad and transmitter which alerts caregivers if paired with a monitoring unit when the resident is trying to get out of his/her chair. The chair pad immediately alerts the caregiver by sending a wireless signal to a monitor when the individual begins to get out of his/her chair. The new CordLess products use patented wireless technology that eliminates cords between bed pads, chair pads, and floor mats to monitors, pagers, and central monitors. 

*For local Connecticut Installation please call us at 203-235-8324*

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